Wednesday, October 5, 2011

boobs and hoes

In my last post, I mention how much of a "boob" I am at night... So as a Buddhist Boob, I am going to explore my mind. Right now. See why I'm so ho-hum. (Fun fact: I have said "boob" and "ho" in this post.)

On Meg's Mind: A List. Lists: Organizes Things. Things: Do We Have Too Many Things? Questions: We All Ask Them, Right? Right: Or Wrong?

*it's sad when a place you once loved changes - and it's usually the people in the place that change and that makes me think of how we've all lost touch and how I should've/could've been a better friend and how a lot of people could have been better friends to me and how a lot of people that have now taken over this place are really depressed/depressing and how we are all just struggling to be happy, day in and day out

*I feel like I can't say half of what I want to say on this blog because I don't want certain people to worry. Guess that's what journals are for... AND SECRET BLOGS wink wink.

*I pretend that I have been developing loads of self-compassion lately, but I don't think I have. I suppose I am working on it here and there, but for the most part I still fall into my old traps and habits and people and behaviors and obsessions and it makes me downright miserable.

*I miss you. And you. And you you you and you. But I don't miss you, and that makes me sad.


I'm gonna listen to music from 2005 and take a bad trip down Memory Lane. Maybe I'll listen to the rain instead. (I'll just end up watching late night TV while sucking on sugar free mints and feeling guilty about it.)


Heather said...

Reason #2: This is why I have made my blog private now. Mostly because I don't want family to worry. :)

P.S. I don't like all this rain...

Andy said...