Sunday, June 19, 2011

hormones and the multiverse

*One of my joys in life is to sit one-on-one with another human (or non-human, too, I suppose) and talk. In a group I get distant, bored, distracted. With just one other person, I am present, intrigued, focused. I'd like to think I am a good listener, too, but it's something I can always improve.

*Remember Home Improvement? Remember how I had dozens of Teen Beat posters of Jonathan Taylor Thomas up on my wall? Remember how having crushes when you were in junior high was so fun because of your raging hormones? Sometimes I miss those raging hormones; sometimes living in a fantasy world is incredibly satisfying, but obviously not for long. To quote some bad bumper sticker somewhere, "Reality is a bitch!" But reality can also be our best friend. And ultimately reality is just reality.

*I'll admit it; I am proud of my #multiverse tweets. Oh god, did I just admit that? Am I really caught up in the Twitter Universe? Yes, but somewhere in another universe, I am totally not seduced by such a world. #multiverse

*You can call this a life goal if you must, but a life goal of mine is to live in Southern Utah and/or New Mexico. I could explain why, but if you have ever been to either of these places, read Edward Abbey, seen a Georgia O'Keeffe painting, and are similar to me in any way, you will understand.

More later. Time for me to browse Amazon and REI online. Thanks, coffee!

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