Sunday, June 26, 2011


My miiuiind - excuse me, my typing fingers got carried away and went psycho on me for just a brief second - my MIND is buzz buzz buzz and "buzz" reminds me of that dead companion insect I had for about 16 hours last week (or was it two weeks ago?) and week reminds me of weak which reminds me of how the arthritis medication I took for my tendinitis made me feel which makes me think of Phil and all of the many Phils I have known in my life (2) which makes me think of Life cereal and how fuuuu**ing good it is but how I would rather eat a cereal called Mesa Sunrise instead which makes me think of how I prefer the sunrise over the sunset maybe 7 out of 10 times which makes me think of time and how time doesn't exist which makes me think of existing in the desert with no water which makes me think of a book by Craig Childs called The Secret Knowledge of Water. "There are two easy ways to die in the desert: thirst and drowning." Oh shit.


deadcityrebel said...

wonder what the land-speed record of a hover cat is.

L.B. said...

I love you.