Sunday, June 12, 2011

carnies and feet

Oh, this post is just one shy of 333. I could explain, but I won't. But it has something to do with the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

*My foot hurts. I mean, my foot hurts like a bitch/bastard/asshole. My foot hurts much worse than my toe ever did (if you'll remember, I totally ripped that pretty necessary toenail clean off). It is just a constant soreness that doesn't go away with medication, sitting, elevating, etc. I don't know much about feet and I know you all aren't that interested in the subject of feet (unless I have some podiatrist followers out there... or some feet fetish followers?), so I will stop here and in a vain attempt at alleviating some of the pain go pop some ibuprofen.

*For five hours yesterday I sat at a booth at Orem's Summer Fest. If you know anything about me or have ever even interacted with me for one minute, you will know that groups of people (and just people in general) are not my thing. Summer Fest especially is not my thing. But it went alright, actually. Sure, I felt really old (teenagers calling me "lady") and sure, I felt unattractive (stupid story I won't tell here) and sure, I felt really young (complicated story I won't tell here), but all in all it was fine. I was visited by a friend and we walked around the carnival looking for a very specific and infamous carnie (no, not Rob Carney), but with no luck. And then, alone, I watched the fireworks from my back deck. I didn't watch all of the fireworks because, well, you've seen one firework, you've seen 'em all.

*There's more to say, but our attention spans won't allow me to write more. Later.

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