Sunday, March 7, 2010

moderation no more

I make muffins at 1:08am just so I can lick out the bowl.

I should be celebrating 12 months, but instead I am mourning 7 and fearing 5.

Did you know I don't like the number 5 for some reason? When I was younger and more of a "savant," I used to associate the number 5 with Hawkeye Pierce from MASH. I don't hate Hawkeye, though. In fact, I find him kind of sexy.

Although I currently own at least four copies of The Bell Jar, I bought yet another copy tonight. One of those days/years, you know? The new copy's font is a little bothersome. It looks like it belongs in a chick lit, not in a novel about a depressive chick.

My html skills go only so far.

I lack compassion lately. For everything and everyone, especially myself. I am apathetic. For example, I used to care about saving the planet or whatevs, but right now I have about three unnecessary lights on and tonight I threw away cardboard that could have totally been recycled. Oh, and trash? I rarely pick it up anymore. Sorry, Iron Eyes Cody.

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