Saturday, March 20, 2010

don't let this man open this closet!

A true statement I just stated to Jack: "If I wasn't me, I would love me. But since I am me, I hate me."

Today Jack and I went to the mall. Weird, right? Yeah. Well, it was actually "hella" fun. Until it was just hell, which was towards the end of our shopping excursion when we found ourselves trapped in the closet with R. Kelly. Kidding. We found ourselves trapped in Hot Topic surrounded by Robert Pattinson's mug on shirts and 13-year-old kids going through multiple identity crises. But overall the mall was all it's cracked up to be-- aWeSoMe! And full of shit! And we actually bought some of that shit! Here is something that I purchased today with my hardly hard earned money:

My new hat doesn't look exactly like this, but close. I did not pull an Ashton. It is not a trucker hat. I love my new hat. I am going to create a Facebook page dedicated to my hat. I am also going to post a Myspace bulletin proclaiming my love for the hat (and my indifference towards the Chicago Cubs). I won't actually post a Myspace bulletin. That was just a casual joke, not really meant for laughs, but meant more for nostalgia's sake. I sincerely miss the old Myspace.

I also miss my mind. It's been gone for awhile now. It's disappearance might make me fail a class. And I might be okay with that. We'll see. But as for now, I will forget all of that and fall into the blissful abyss of sleep.



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