Sunday, February 15, 2009

stephanie meyer sux

Today's meditation was vipassana, which means after I stayed with my breath for awhile, I allowed my thoughts and sensations and whatever else to arise and to see them without any attachment or aversion. What types of thoughts entered into my mind? Well, I had a lot of thoughts about Facebook, which is so depressing in so many ways. And I also had the phrase "Fruity Pebbles-- not fruity" somehow appear in my cereal obsessed mind. Where did that come from??? I am not actually obsessed with cereal as much as I used to be. But that's beside the point.

Being able to go to the library when it's closed is possibly one of my most favorite things to do. I just got back from said library and checked out CDs and DVDs (because who checks out books at a library these days?!? Actually, I do, but I am already reading so so so many books right now such as the TWILIGHT series. PSYCH all of you SO HARD. I can't bare myself to even look at those books, much less touch them, much less read them, much less lustfully lick the books after reading them.). I checked out Joni Mitchell and Miles Davis and Sonic Youth. And then a bunch of depressing documentaries about Sudan. Oh yes, and I picked up some discarded books that I am going to use in a weird ass mind trip art project. And last but not least, I think I saw a ghost holding roses in the bathroom at the library. Happy belated Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day???

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