Monday, February 2, 2009

good stuff

So everyone knows that my job is ridiculously easy. For 20 hours a week, I sit in front of a computer and a) update my Facebook status, b) do USA Today crossword puzzles, c) read, d) post blogs about how easy my job is, or e) none of the above. WELL, this is a trick question because it is actually all of the above. So no matter what, you would get this question wrong. Yet despite this foolproof job, I manage to fool it up. I took ONE bathroom break less than an hour before closing and the two minutes I am gone my boss comes in to find the front desk empty. And I get a "talk" about how I can't leave the front desk. I know, man! I didn't for five hours! But a gal has to empty her bladder sooner or later. But I seriously don't care. I really did just find it funny! And kind of lame... But still funny and overall not a big deal. The new Meg '09 is so chill. Like, nothing's that big of a deal to new Meg '09. I let things roll off my new back and take things in stride. Learn from my mistakes. Be myself. Blah blah blah. I am going to be confident, too. And independent. And hopefully almost phone free (I am being realistic when I say "almost"). AND I am going to be vegan-- More importantly I am actually going to EAT and not WORRY. And I am going to write and type and collage and zine and talk and walk and sit. But I am also going to not put so much pressure on myself, which means that if I don't follow through with one of these "goals", then that's okay.

Ever since Saturday afternoon, I have felt this surge of confidence and independence. And I think it's partially due to a dear No No friend of mine that helped me to "wake up" and see certain patterns and behaviors of mine that were somewhat detrimental to my mental well being. Mowing the grass helped to wake me up, too. Wait, what?!? How could mowing the front lawn possibly expand my mind, man?!? And there is no grass, just snow. What in the world have I been smoking?!? Dope.

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