Saturday, March 18, 2017


Note to self:

*sit down
*eat food
*massage your butt (and calves and scalp and thighs and shoulders and maybe even splurge occasionally and pay for someone to rub these body parts for you, preferably someone with the hands of a god(dess))
*sit down
*eat food
*maybe try to sleep longer than 5 hours each night
*maybe try not to stay up until 4am watching reruns of bad reality shows so that you can get more than 5 hours of sleep each night and/or not turn your already mushy brain into an even mushier mess
*make (and keep) all of those scary appointments you've been meaning to make for, well, years
*don't let money stop you from LIVING YOUR DREAMS!!! unless your dream is to go up into space with Richard Branson cuz that shit'll cost you at least 69 million dollars. 69 million sexy dollars. dollar? but I hardly know her.
*be consistent with your capitalization and punctuation
*oh yeah, meditate. forgot about that one, the one that is probably the most important one. well, I suppose the "eat food" is the most important one.
*slow down, in pretty much every way
*stop feeling guilty -- or at least start feeling guilty about the "right" things (and then get rid of that guilt by changing your behavior -- is it really that simple?! yep.)
*keep writing, even if it's 69% of the time shit
*clean up your frickin' language, potty mouth! just shittin' you.
*connect -- with others, with yourself, with the earth. peace, brother. peace, sister. peace, mother. peace, father. what the fudge am I saying.
*hey, your intuition has time and time again proven to be pretty spot on, so perhaps now is the time to start listening to and following it.
*sit the hell down
*eat some damn food

love you

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