Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am in a mourning period, but do not worry because this is closely linked to rebirth and renewal. It is a cleansing process. My psyche needs to flush out a few things (and people and places) in order for it to approach and embrace what is on the horizon.

I mourn my home. I mourn my first love. I mourn my childhood best friend. I mourn the religion I knew when I was young. I mourn the people I once was and could have been. I mourn the disappearance of innocence and the emergence of cynicism. I mourn the open space and the clouds between my toes. I mourn the flesh.

I embrace what is. I embrace the beating of the bones beneath the earth (even if they are just ghosts). I embrace the fear that comes with shifting landscapes. I embrace the repulsion I feel towards embracing things (and people and places). I embrace all that I mourn.

If somebody gave me a hand to hold, I'd hope that I would recognize it as my own.


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i want to be the women in this picture