Sunday, April 14, 2013

heavy as a feather

It may be called Borderline Personality Disorder or perhaps it's a type of bipolar disorder, but whatever you want to call it, do not call it order! The moods I go rapidly through and the people I draw in tightly and then casually let go with little to no emotion seems a little odd and not terribly healthy. Also, that last sentence contained one too many adverbs! This post is beginning to contain one too many (so far: two! wait - three! four! five! six.) exclamation points. My point is, I am mad as a March hare, but in April. April hares bring May mad hatters and May hatters bring June birthdays and June birthdays bring me one year closer to a total meltdown. Maybe a total meltdown will bring me closer to my art? What a pretentious and cheesy thing to say. Speaking of cheesy and meltdowns, I just now thought of a store that I will never open called "Meg's Meltdown." It will be a place where people of all nationalities can come together to eat grilled cheese sandwiches and then have pillow fights using down pillows that explode in a fury of feathers. World peace, one cheese-stained pillow fight at a time.

Stick around. Pay your dues. Come back often.

1 comment:

Meg said...

mad megs seems quite the thing nowadays. i want a grilled pillow cheese fight.