Sunday, April 7, 2013

love and noodles

I am so happy these days. Why? I can narrow it down to two things. And by "things" I mean "people." They are not objects! Bless their hearts (they've got huge hearts) because they have saved my life more than once. I wonder if they realize how guardian angel-like they are to me? Probably not. I should let them know.

I should also let my family know how important they are to me. We have our faults and sometimes we don't communicate well (or at all), but lord oh lord we are genuinely gentle, good people who want each other to be oh-so-happy. I love them. More than ever.

And now here's a picture of a Sophia Loren eating spaghetti:


marianne said... are easy to love. <3

meg said...

Thanks, mama. You too! :)