Tuesday, January 8, 2013


What I do is too often construed as diabolical. I almost want to swear that I am too innocent and naive to be such a threat, but that may not be entirely true. Still, 9 times out of 10 my intentions are pure. The one time they are "impure" is only because the impurity will, in my mind, eventually lead to a greater purity. Geeeee whiz, kiddos. I am finding it difficult to express these fleeting thoughts. Maybe they need not be expressed? Maybe they are fleeting for a reason.

There is so much beauty unraveling right before me. I do not know what or how or when or why I deserve this. Here it is, though. Here it is, coming at and through me with a force so mighty that I am knocked down. While I am down, I notice that at least I have a good view of the stars.

We should all lie on our backs more.

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Meg said...

I must have details about whatever this is you're referring to, because it makes me happy you're letting something or someone in. <3