Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Well well well.

I know. It's been almost four months. FOUR. I have never been that disconnected from my writing for that long.

Or from myself. I'm feeling rusty.

Lighthearted side note: The word "rusty" reminds me of that recurring character on Full House named, well, Rusty. His mom was dating Danny. She worked at a dry cleaners or something. He was a trickster. "Trickster" reminds me of "coyote," which reminds me of how much I ache for the open, barren landscape of the desert. I consider the desert the hip bone to my body and lately my hips have been hurting. WHICH REMINDS ME of that one Full House episode when DJ (Donna Jo) develops an eating disorder (not recurring, oddly enough) and collapses at the gym while cycling like a maniac. Ya gotta eat that sandwich and not just feed it to Comet when no one's looking, Deej!

So I'm back. Are you still there?


kieren said...

I missed you. I almost got back on Facebook just to lurk you the other day. That is a true thing. I still might get back on Facebook just to lurk you. But Facebook fills me with rage. This blog fills me with nothing but fond feelings. That means something... maybe one day Mark Zuckerberg will learn something from you. Maybe that is what it means. Please continue blogging so that one day Mark Zuckerberg can learn from you.

meg said...

I really like you so much, Ms. Kieren. I lurk you, you lurk me, lez lurk each other 4ever, "K"? ("K" means "okay," I'm pretty shuur.) ("Shuur" is how "sure" SHOULD be spelled, am I rite?) Also, I hope Mr. Zuckerberg un-learns many things from me. What I'm trying to say is that I hope to one day be Mr. Zuckerberg's zen master.

cassie said...

i love you