Tuesday, February 8, 2011

nice grill, grrl

I misssss you!

"You" is a number of things. You is not just one person, place, or thing. I miss a lot of yous.

And so I've gotta get myself back on track. Whatever and wherever that track is. But through getting back on, I desire to remain off. You know, the whole "all who wander are not lost" kinda thing. I want to wander. But I want to wander mindfully. To me, this makes sense. And that's all that matters, I suppose.

Speaking of supposing, I suppose I will make the world's best grilled cheese sandwich within the next few days. It will include a really great grain bread (perhaps 8 grain? 12 grain? 47 grain?), honey mustard, sharp cheddar cheese, and crisp granny smith apple slices in the middle. Sorry, vegan friends/acquaintances.


Andy said...

Havarti makes everything better. Consider it for an additional variety.

Meg said...

Umm. I want one!

crystal said...

my cat sushi likes toasted bread. i only seem to like grilled cheese sandwiches from hamburger restaurants. martha stewart did a spread on the grilled cheese and one of the suggestions that surprised me was the addition of fruit jam!