Tuesday, February 1, 2011

metaphorically marinating inside of a metaphorical volcano

I miss writing. I am not inspired and/or motivated these days to write, but maybe me missing it is a good sign. Maybe I am just marinating in a bunch of crazy juice at the moment that will eventually lead to a volcano of weird poetry and absurd one-act plays. We (you and I) can only hope.


Meg said...

it'll come back, love. bigger and better and more boisterous than ever. also, maybe try some exercises like they make you do in beginning writing classes? Sometimes those turn out some crazy shit. <3

meg said...

Hmmm... creative writing exercises... that is actually a great idea! Thanks, love.

Shellinator said...

I usually just have to start writing, and after a a few minutes to a few many minutes of crap, something sort of kind of good comes out. Good luck.