Sunday, December 5, 2010

A night full of talking that hurts by Rumi

A night full of talking that hurts,
my worst held-back secrets. Everything
has to do with loving and not loving.
This night will pass.
Then we have work to do.


errin julkunen-pedersen said...

rumirumirumirumirumi! i. love. rumi. i. also. love. meg. i. also. love. one. word. sentences. that. aren't. really. sentence. but. rather. punctuation. used. to show. emphasis. an. exclamation. point. would. have. been. better. and. less. internetty. !

meg said...

ohhh... your comment was so sweet. and so internetty! but my comment back will also be internetty: i. love. you. too. rumi. is. also. pretty. cool.