Thursday, December 2, 2010

bell jar glasses

Ten minutes to get ready and leave - but here I am!


I want to have a good outlook on life and events and people and places and everything else in and on and around this planet. I forget what my friend Megan called her new outlook on like, but it had the word "bemused" in it. What was it again? I liked it. And I am going to like life again!

But of course, the coffee will wear off in a few hours (or minutes, as it seems to be doing lately) and then I'll be back to Sylvia Plath-ish lenses. Which may not be SO bad...


Meg said...

positively bemused :) it's actually fairly easy, it's the upside of bitterness--without being bitter.

by the way the story you sent this morning made my morning delicious in a non-indulgent way.


meg said...

Yes, "positively bemused." That's it! Perfect. And I am going to start sending you more stories so that you can have more delicious mornings (or afternoons or nights).