Monday, November 22, 2010


Things get (much) better, but there are still the piles and piles of dust you forgot you swept under that convenient, but ultimately destructive, rug. There should have never been a rug there in the first place-- you know that. You both know that. The hardwood floor was gorgeous when bare, uncluttered.

But now you bare with it. On the bad days you say you can't bare it any longer. The two of you struggle to understand how each of you can be both the victim and the victimizer at the same time. Then you lazily remind your forgetful self that time does not exist and blah blah blah. But apparently it does, or else how would there be dust?

What you need now is a vacuum. The broom and rug were obviously lacking, so the quick fix would be a vacuum. Everything gets neatly sucked away and then stored into a closet along with the obnoxious rug. Celebrate! The rug is gone! Good riddance. Now let's sit back and proudly admire the hardwood floor, pretending so carefully that we don't see the scratches, scuff marks, and the sawdust sign of termites below.

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