Wednesday, June 16, 2010

next time they'll open the trunk to find a rattlesnake and a can of whoop ass

Some hoodlums who apparently love an outdated way to listen to music broke into my car sometime yesterday (or this morning???) and stole three CD cases from my trunk. It sucks, yes, but the CDs weren't really worth much. Of course, there are the handful of CDs that were mixes given to me by other people that I really hate to see gone, but overall it could have been worse. The thing I disliked the most is the creepy feeling of someone in my car, snooping around, and taking what's not theirs. That violated feeling, you know? But dearheart Jack cheered me up with a new CD wallet and a bajillion blank CDs. And a pack of gum. Take THAT, juvenile delinquent who is now listening to a bunch of scratched mixes I made four years ago! Hope you like a shit ton of Rilo Kiley.

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