Tuesday, April 27, 2010

someday we'll meet beyond the time and the bars

My Senior Seminar class sure went out with a bang. Literally. We lit fireworks in the LA building and someone threw a roman candle through my eye. Oh, this didn't really happen. But Senior Seminar DID go out with a bang--a FIGURATIVE bang.

There's nothing like other people's successes to help highlight all of your failures.

People are moving on. Going to grad schools here, there, and abroad. Everyone looks pretty and chirpily builds up get-togethers I am not invited to and secrets I am not in on. And then there's that kid who is completely clueless and he brings up her name with such torturous enthusiasm. Do I know her? Yes, in fact, I DO know her. Imagine that. Small world.

And I guess that's the thing--it is a small world. We may take off with such momentum in a moment's time, each of us in different directions. But we'll all end up back together again in the end, in the ground, the world heavily sighing at the limited space.

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