Monday, November 10, 2008

amenity motor inn, room 111

seven things i remember about this night:
1. discussing how sad it is that myspace is becoming like facebook
2. discussing kerouac, ginsberg, burroughs, and ferlinghetti (and pretending like i was super smart, duh)
3. discussing drew danburry
4. discussing devendra banhart
5. discussing the similarities between drew and devendra- drewvendra banburry
6. discussing proposition 8
7. discussing korihor, the antichrist*

*korihor- not a bad guy. actually has quite the rational, intelligent argument. thank you for pointing out this chapter, isaac. things like this just tickle my fancy. if you want to check out the korihor chapter, it is in alma 30. or just copy/paste this link:


chris almond said...

Why am I not in any of these photos?

isaac isak icekick said...

Posing in front of a camera is the most natural thing you can do.