Friday, September 11, 2015


Today on my morning walk I saw three moose and it was sooo annoying. Kidding. "Kidding" is the one word I use the most aside from aa, which is a kind of volcanic lava. Anyway, the moose were cool. Literally cool. You could see their breath. You could see my breath as well, if you were looking at me. Were you looking at me? Why were you looking at me? Would you mind just leaving me alone while I'm walking? I like to think while I walk and I can't think while I walk if I know someone is watching me while I walk. So let me walk. Let me and the moose breath in peace.

Remind me to drink water. I didn't drink anything aside from a few sips of coffee yesterday. Big mistake! I also didn't eat until 10:30pm. Big mistake! I also fell into a volcano and got aa all over my pants. Big mistake! I'm realizing more and more that I make all sorts of big mistakes often. I can't just chalk it up to LIFE and LIVING LIFE. It's time I maybe try to make some changes? You know, lead a more ethical, moral, responsible existence? Self-reflection is a very tough thing to do, but sometimes the tough shit is the most rewarding -- BLAH BLAH BLAH. Lazy writing. My writing has become lazy, but my feet won't stop moving.

So now I'm off on another hike. Wish me well. Wish me to find a well, not a dry one, so I do not dry out under the sun and become nothing but a ghost of a girl, a ghost of a girl who kid all the time and was a magnet to magma.

More later. I like you all so much.

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