Friday, February 7, 2014


I found myself last night falling in love with a screech owl. She is the first wife, the one who dared to be parallel. How can you find balance if your rib belongs to another? But the cage is your own. Claim your cage. I approach you Eve, over and over, but you turn away. Lilith. Lilith listens.

All her princes are gone, her castles shall be overgrown with thorns, she shall become a haunt for ostriches. Wildcats shall meet with desert beasts, satyrs shall call to one another; There shall the Lilith repose, and find for herself a place to rest.

Let me rest with you amidst the thorns and beasts. Let me comb the ravens out of your hair and build ourselves a nest out of our past, out of our discarded tribes and movie ticket stubs. Let me listen to the echo of the hollow rib cage. Let me lie down with you and the moon and sink into a scripture both lost and forgotten. Let us rewrite what was and create what will come. Let us come to our refuge with open, not folded, arms.

I fell fast in love last night with the hags and creatures that stumble their way so humbly through their human existence. I fell when they fell; I will rise when they rise.

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