Friday, January 31, 2014

update part 2!

That loosey goosey update of mine the other night was the most read post in a long time. I can take a hint, you guys! I know my floofy writing is a little too floofy and makes the eyes and brain go goo goo, but whatever. I'll never stop writing those posts. But maybe I should start writing more loosey goosey posts alongside my floofy ones? Yes. Yes, I should. Enough with the MAYBES and the PROBABLYS, Meg! Be more assertive and sure! But it's hard when the entire world is gray and I know that the maybes and the probablys are actually the most honest words in this imperfect language of ours. (Ours? So we claim the language? We are hilarious and territorial creatures.)

Update! Part 2! I plan on updating for infinity. I can't wait until I get to Update Part 348,662,145,998,037,001,782,221,155,831,520,404,001. That update will tell ALL of my secrets. And I'll make sure I include some cool cat photos. So stay tuned!

This update will be short. I'm too sleepy to be creative or insightful or long-winded. Lucky you!

*I want to get into football. And Christianity. Preferably progressive Christianity and dada football. You know, like the players just run around in circles and cut their hair with scissors made from the teeth of alligators and they also make touchdowns with urinals. I want to get into these things.

*My secret dream job? Broadway star.

*My secret football fantasy team? Duchamp, Höch, Man Ray, Schad, Stieglitz, Taeuber-Arp, and Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven.

*If I could be anything, I'd be a baroness who also happened to be a Broadway star.

*But seriously, though, I really want to get into Jesus. I wonder if this is possible? Am I just trying so desperately hard to find an identity and a community and a plan of salvation? Please answer these questions for me and then please be the sole person who will provide me with all three of these things. No pressure!

*I could never live in Hong Kong.

*Everything is so quiet right now. TOO quiet. Did the apocalypse just happen?

*I do not understand the word "update."

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