Sunday, January 26, 2014

update part 1

An update on my life:

*I have a million crushes.

*The left side of my body has been mysteriously numb since Christmas.

*Meghan Wiemer: Discovered in 2014 that she is a huge fan of British literature.

*Meghan Wiemer: Future 5th grade teacher???

*Are you there, God? It's me, Meghan Wiemer.

*I'm cold. Constantly.

*I walk in circles. Literally. And constantly. And concentrically.

*I have recently -- very recently -- googled the word "concentrically" because I was unsure of what it meant. I am still unsure, but I am sure that I am fine with being unsure. I am NOT, however, fine with being uninsured. Please. Somebody. GIVE ME INSURANCE. Obama? Jesus? A rich, long lost uncle? An employer?

*Still unemployed.

*Still crazy after all these years.

*Still single.

*Not ready to mingle.

*Except for with some of my crushes. Hey, crushes, let's mingle and then read British lit together in the bathtub while simultaneously applying for Medicaid.

*Got a butt massage yesterday.

*I am super bummed out that the grocery store stopped carrying the popsicles I love. I would give my left nut for a box of those popsicles right now.


Night Night.

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