Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I search for a religion, but not a god. I want community, not commandments. I want the seasoning, not the meat. I want just enough to whet my appetite without baptism. I want stimulation without submersion. Do I have your permission to prefer perpendicular lines over parallel? Your symbol synchronizes with my style. It makes for an interesting design. I wear it with an aesthetic eye.

But maybe we aren't right angles. Maybe we are crooked little souls with crooked little canes that we use to help us walk down a path that is not straight and narrow, but overgrown and nonsensical. It leads nowhere, but then again nowhere is a destination. We are always the ones who design our travel itinerary. The details breathe, not the relics.

I wash my face in a mountain stream. This is my rite of admission. This is my dedication. The vault of the sky opens up and I walk into the web.

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