Monday, June 4, 2012

forever and ever

Guess which Meghan Wiemer is all panicky panicky about moving?

You are such a good guesser!

I know that in the end, things will be fine. I know that moving is always stressful for anyone no matter what. What is it that makes it stressful? Is it simply the having to clean and organize and do boring shit like that? Or is it more of a psychological thing? Having to say goodbye ("I've never been good with goodbyes!" says everyone ever forever), leaving a comfortable environment, dealing with the fear of the unknown ("Everything could go wrong forever and ever!" says everyone who has ever lived), rummaging through your possessions and realizing you have way more than anyone could ever want forever and that you are the prime example of why our planet is going down the drain because of the junk you have amassed and the junk you are throwing away and the junk that you hold on to despite it being junk but hey come on man it's sentimental junk.

So what is it?

Maybe it's just that I'm an INFP (or so I've been told). That's weirdo psychology talk and basically it just means I am a weirdo with a lot of psychological issues. I think waaay too much. I neglect anything and everything forever unless it's something I care about a ton (and I have to care about it a ton or else I don't care about it at all). So the things I don't care about, I forget about. The things I do care about (a ton), I become obsessed with and it basically ruins my life because obsessions usually, if not always, lead to the ultimate mental breakdown. Living in my world/brain is a constant party 24/7! It's like Pride Fest in my head minus the confetti, sadly, and the loving relationships, obviously.

What was I even saying ever? Forever I will always wonder what the dickens I was talking about in this here blog post. "This here" is super hicky sounding, is it not?

I don't know how to move. I don't know how to pack. I don't know how to say goodbye to and get rid of stuff. Help? How do I do this without passing out from stress? Suggestions?


Heidi said...

I always use a Mom in this situation. My Mom. She is the best organizer and always clams me. I remember my happiest place ever, which was when I was little and would rest my head on her chest while she would read to me and I could feel her words come up through her. A Mom is always the best remedy.

Thirdmango said...

I'm a pack rat. I actually have relatives that are classic hoarders, luckily I've been able to kick that for the most part. But as a collector and someone who does have a hard time throwing stuff out, or at least did, moving actually helped my compulsions to keep everything. I've been through so many moves now that I actually have an easier time throwing things out when I move. Having seen some photos, let's talk about books. I have about four shelves of books I absolutely can not get rid of. I did have another 10-20 shelves of books I didn't want to throw out or give to DI. But there's that cash4books place in Provo by the Dennys. They give you 5 cents for every book you bring in to recycle. Having that little insentive of making money and helping the enviroment, I ended up making 15 bucks.

It might take a little while but go through your books, and stack them according to importance. Have like a 10 number system. 1s are way too important to leave your sight. 10s you recycle. But then you look at the 9s and you say, couldn't these be 10s? Work your way up. What about these 5s? Do I need them or would I be willing to wrap these all up and give away as fun presents to friends because I shouldn't have them but I want friends to have them.

If you have any school papers still in your room, just throw them out. I know your brain is saying but... but... but... No. Stop it brain. If it's important it's on my computer. The paper ones are being thrown out. I know I did a cute picture on this one when I was 7, it doesn't matter. Must be thrown out.

georg said...

meghan vieleicht hilft dir dieser Rat, ich räume alle 6 monate meine wohnung auf und sammle all die sachen die ich in dieser zeit nicht gebraucht habe ( bücher spielzeug, kleidung usw.) in einen Karton und gebe ihn bei einen sozialverein ab. so werde ich vieles wieder los das sonst nutzlos in der wohnung liegen würde. es funktioniert prima und ich brauche auch nicht hin und her zu überlegen ob ich das leichten herzen hergeben will. ich nehme die sachen die ich in diesen 6 monaten nicht benutzt habe und gib sie ab.
meg noch was,...Du bist kein Nazi weil du einen deutsch klingenden namen (WIEMER) hast.
und noch was,. ich habe Angst um dich ! (wiel ich vieles nicht verstehen kann was du meinst!)
da ist die übersetzung ins deutsche von bing und google sehr ungenau. SCHREIB WEITER SO.

georg said...

und noch etwas wichtiges habe ich vergessen,..BITTE ,NIMM MEHR NAHRUNG ZU DIR, denn DU schaust fürchterlich DÜNN aus.
(auch wenn es mich nicht's angeht)