Saturday, September 11, 2010

tightrope walking

The body and brain definitely know how to balance themselves out.

After days and days of stimulation, I feel the inevitable crash coming.

I am going to crash. I am going to be tired. I am no longer going to be wired. (And I will no longer rhyme.) I am going to snack on everything in sight. I will forget and stutter and shut my mouth for an extended period of time. I hope I don't become rude and snappy. But who knows. The brain will do what it needs to to restore balance.

So now is my turn. So now I must return balance to my soul. I have a peace somewhere inside of all of my pieces that is just waiting to be put together. And some pieces, like the ever-so-sought-after corner pieces, will be missing. But the core will be there; it has always been there.

What's left to do is cut. Cut through, cut out, cut down. Starting... tomorrow. Tonight I will find shortcuts instead.


Jennifer said...

(I've decided to quote Sylvia for all my comments--sound good?) ;)

meg said...

We really <3 Sylvia, don't we? :)