Thursday, May 27, 2010

regarding friends

I've been thinking a bit lately about past and present friends of mine. How we've lost touch, how we've kept it touch, how one of my friends once touched my eyeball, etc. Basically, there has been a lot of touching (not in that way, pervs). So here are a few lists, mostly for my own record.

Friends I Will Probably Stay In Contact With For The Rest Of My Life

Christopher Allman
Laura Eastin
Ashley "Gigi" Munns
Joscef Castor
Robert Steffen
Whitney Mower
Jennifer Reynolds

Friends I Will Probably Unfortunately Not See Or Talk To Very Often In The Future (And Currently Don't) For One Reason Or Another (But Not Because Of Bad Feelings)

Jeffrey Owens
David Moore

Friends I Regret Losing (Not That They Are Lost For Good, But, Well, You Know)

Soren Siebach
Karl Jorgensen
Matthew Gifford
Davey Ornegri
Ashleigh Brummer

Uninteresting post. It is very incomplete. I've unintentionally left people off of these lists. I suddenly need to go to the grocery store, though, so this will have to continue l8r. Or maybe not.


KARI J. said...

I know you weren't asking for a comment like this, but I couldn't not tell you how great I think you are. Ever since I saw you at that May Day lecture, you've been really present in my thoughts, so I was surprised to see my name in your diaryland (just kidding, blog) entry. Did you know that I subscribe to your blog? I really like reading what you write. Here's to friendship opportunities lost and FOUND!

Anonymous said...


This makes my heart burst with joy!

Love you,