Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a non-depressing post, at last

I feel really, really great right now. It could be the swig of triple strength triple size Rockstar I just had, but I definitely think it's more than just that. I think it's me realizing (finally) (again) how much I am loved and "admired" by those I love and admire. I don't know why I put "admired" in quotes. Maybe I can't completely accept that someone(s) admire me in any way or shape (or form! never forget form!). So here is a jumbled, scattered, slightly nonconcrete list of things that are currently making me just so blithe (using the word "blithe" is evidence of a college degree... more on that in a minute):

*And that minute is now. Remember (or not) how I purposely failed a class this semester and then planned on retaking it in the fall? That is the only class I need for graduation, which kinda sucked that I didn't pass it the first time around, but eh. Buuut... today I got my f**king diploma on my doorstep. Apparently I have already graduated CUM LAUDE. Huh? I really really really think (and pretty much know) that the school made a mistake. Can they take back my degree, though? Yeah, I'm sure they can. So I will probably still retake the class in the fall. But who knows? I may actually be DONE with UVU. Whaaa??? Maybe they just wanna get rid of me. I've been there long enough. Eff you, literary theory. I need to buy a frame.

*My dad loves my poetry. It makes me happy. He has also said that I have opened his eyes to a new way of thinking (with my Buddhism). He is very interested in Buddhism because of me. This is beyond my comprehension. Very cool.

*My sister was so sweet today for going with me to the doctor's, waiting foooorever, and helping me to not faint and/or throw up when I was done. What a sweetheart.

*Speaking of sweethearts, I love my mom. She has such a wonderful innocence to her, yet she can tell the dirtiest jokes. She constantly surprises and delights me.

*Hi, Jack. I adore you.

*I have had many great friends throughout the years. Friends who are incredibly wise, hilarious, and wonderfully talented. They and the conversations I have had with them are priceless. For everything else there's Mastercard.

I could and should say more, but I want to answer some questions now on Formspring. Ask me anonymous or non-anonymous questions on Formspring, please! And have a sexy/studious night.

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Jennifer said...

This post made me so happy for you and me and everyone in this sad, sad world. :)