Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I love Jack. I just want everyone to know. He is my jackpot.

Damn. I mean, darn. I forgot what I was going to blog about. But I am going to continue typing in hopes I remember. Something will come out of this, right? Hmmm.

I didn't know Dave Iba was going to be a dentist. Dr. Iba: The Movie: Based on the book written by Dr. Iba: A Memoir.

I will just copy/paste my Facebook status right now: There's something beautiful and refreshing about normalcy.

Typical Meghan behavior is to change my mind, my style, my life plan, and everything else constantly. Stability is sought, but rarely found.

(Side note: It's weird when people pronounce "associates" as "assoshiates.")

Normalcy. It's time for me to embrace it. I don't have to save the planet. I don't have to live up to an unrealistic ideal. Basically, I don't have to hold my breath.

Cooking breakfast in my underwear on a Sunday morning with the sun shining through a slightly grimy window is the kind of holy holy holy I want want want.

And I can have have have it.

I might even make some tea and wear a bracelet.

(Imagine Dr. Iba extracting your molars.)

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Jennif said...

I think I pronounce associates weird. I'll try to watch my mouth.