Sunday, November 15, 2009

nighttime impressions 1

dream of plane crashes to france
my dead grandmother winking at me
that mole on her face not there
when she was alive or when i was
awake. the street light says
stop traffic, go you wanderer
but don't wander too far because
some cars are moving so just
wander in a straight line and if
you write wander too much too often
too all-at-once (seconds apart) it
looks much too weird (unless the
letters aren't written in a straight
line). give it to me crooked like the
hills you imagine running away to.
but aren't those hills just north
of france? can you take a bus
to get there? because time permits
and planes crash a lonely crash.
i'm much too ego driven to keep
my hands on the wheel.
it's a yellow light-- now what?

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