Thursday, May 28, 2009

YOUR FACE is a vanderslice

So a rabbi, a priest, and Meghan Wiemer walk into Velour... Okay, just Meghan Wiemer. Although a rabbi and/or a priest COULD have been there... Is Corey Fox a rabbi? I could see him being a rabbi, and by "rabbi" I obviously mean "teen heartthrob." Anyway, less about Corey and more about me going to Velour last night for the first time in months.

I was a bit nervous.

There's this little thing I have called "chronic social anxiety." I also have a bad allergic reaction to hipsters. (Okay okay okay, I know I can sometimes be classified as a "hipster," but... but... I don't really know how to defend myself. I guess I could just say that I am less of a hipster now and that I always delete American Apparel and Urban Outfitter emails without opening them up and that I like Dave Matthews Band and that sometimes I look through Eddie Bauer catalogs and think about how fun it would be to be wearing khaki shorts and sitting in a canoe.) The anxiety plus the allergies equal me never going to shows anymore unless I have a flask in my back pocket. BUUUT I took a chill pill last night (seriously, I took GABA, which is a supplement, which made me feel a little/a lot drowsy, which also made me feel a little intoxicated, which resulted in me getting a tattoo of Bea Arthur RIP on my shin, which may or may not be true) and put on my big girl panties and went to Velour with Jack to see John Vanderslice. And lo and behold, it was actually not that traumatic of an experience. The concert was good and I only ran into two people that I knew. I guess my days of knowing everyone at shows is (thankfully) over with. Everyone seems so young now. So young and so into themselves (aren't we all, though?). It was like a fashion show last night. Were people there for the music or to be seen? Probably for the music, but they also knew that they would be seen, so they tried quite hard to look different, but ended up looking the same. Ohhh and the indie dance. Yes, I saw the indie dance last night. Lanky boys in tight pants moving their legs and trying to look awkward. Success!

What was I trying to get at in this post? It is far too long to just say I went to a show at Velour last night... BORING. Maybe I was going to philosophize or declare my independence from the scene or tell you a secret about the boy from the band, but I did none of those things. And now I have to use the bathroom (like, really really really bad-- like, uh oh I might pee my pants bad-- like, I hope the Russian custodian isn't in the bathroom-- like, why do I keep typing instead of actually using the restroom?).

Oh yeah, I got a bloody nose last night. But it only lasted for roughly forty-five seconds. I am suspicious that it was just ketchup.

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