Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Why have I not posted for so long? The simple one word answer to that is SUMMER. My typical summer day goes something like this...
*Wake up at 12pm
*eat Cheerios or yogurt or somethin'
*MAYBE go to the gym if I am ambitious and/or Jack lets me... :)
*do whatever
*do some more of whatever
*keep doin' whatevs
*drink an energy drink or a 24 ounce coffee at 9 or 10pm
*write in my notebook
*type up three poems
*oh yeah, Facebook throughout the day
*take a second to realize that Facebook is a verb
*try to remember what verbs are
*have an emotional breakdown (hopefully these are over, though)
*write some more
*and sleep with the bed bugs and the pokey puppy
Happy Summer '09, kids.


Jennif said...

you are pretty funny. post more. i lie to read this blog and check it probably more often than is acceptable before being creepy.

Anonymous said...

I love you! :)