Thursday, May 8, 2014

terrifying teepee

Last night I had another dream about an ex. But this time it wasn't my ex, but my ex's ex. Again, it was an exhausting dream. While not nearly as romantic as the dream featuring my old love, this dream still contained many of the same elements. Confrontation! Sadness! And for some reason a large teepee! I am actively trying to not make everything about me, but how can I not make dream interpretations about me? That was a stupid thought, I'll admit it. I have yet to have my coffee. (Oh! Look at me! An adult talking about coffee and how it is needed in the A.M. and boy oh boy I sure do have feelings about the weather/politics/traffic/reality show!) Anyway, back to the dream. In non-dream life, this ex of an ex terrifies me. I barely know her, but based solely on observations and what I have heard, she is perhaps the exact opposite of myself. WHICH makes me think -- shouldn't she comfort me and not terrify me? Because I terrify myself, so the opposite of me should make me feel the opposite of terrified. GUESS THAT JUST MEANS EVERYTHING TERRIFIES ME. Normal.

MORE CAPS MEANS MORE COFFEE. So do tangents and run-on sentences and "and" and being distracted and this rainy weather is so pretty I really shouldn't be sitting by a window. Why do my Hispanic neighbors have a massive stove outside in their minuscule backyard? Isn't that illegal? Are they illegal? KIDDING KIDDING KIDDING. (But really, aren't we all illegal in one way or another?)

Oh yeah, anyway, my terrifying and aggressive and confrontational ex's ex. Yes. That's what I was sort of talking about. About which I was sort of talking. Is that grammar? What is grammar? Where is my grandma? Heaven. Basically, the lessons of my past two dreams can be summed up in a couple of words, the words being THESE words: Don't run away from uncomfortable situations and uncomfortable people. And if you ever find yourself trapped in a teepee with four rabid dogs and the ghost of Lyndon B. Johnson, do NOT begin frying bacon while humming the theme song to Good Times.

Good times indeed.

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