Friday, September 30, 2011


My beautiful (inside and out) friend Megan and I met up yesterday for coffee/tea. I always feel much better after being around her. She calms me down, helps me to remember what's important, and inspires me. She is a gorgeous soul. She reminded me of how much I wish to focus on myself - how I want/need to take a break from the expectations of my environment. I want to shift my perspective. I want to embrace the feminine. I want to be soft, tough, fearless, and unapologetic all at once. I'm going to actually start living my life for me and daaaaamn it feels so good.

I love you, Megan.


I love you, Meghan.

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Meg said...

and I love YOU Meghan! Thank you :) You are inspiring--and already are all those things! I need to learn that meditation you talked about yesterday. <3