Wednesday, January 5, 2011

brought to you by 16 ounces of energy

I need to develop closer and more meaningful relationships with girls. I place far too much weight on my relationships/interactions with men/boys/dudez and about 1.5% of the time it all ends up okay. I need to start realizing that 1.5% is a pretty effing low number.

This 16 ounces of energy isn't energizing me enough to write. I haven't really been writing much lately. I've had, well, no energy. No emotional energy, just this anxious buzzing in the bottom of my heart. That is different from energy; it is like a tiny death, decomposing. Maybe the buzzing are all of the flies, feasting.

Yeah. I'll probably just go to Borders now and get all existential in the philosophy aisle.

Since we are such a visual generation, here is a picture of an existential-ish cat:


Meg said...

Love the picture of the cat. And I agree, relationships with girls are more fulfilling in my experience...and like you, I tend towards the gentleman.

manda said...

i've been tired, too