Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is "her fog" anyway?

Who has been awful at being a consistent blogger?

Duh. It's me.


I'm guessing it has something to do with the volcano/tornado/tsunami of events/emotions/mistakes (mistakes that still serve a purpose, mind you, so aren't necessarily mistakes mistakes) that have occurred these past few weeks. They have all but sucked the life out of me.

But this won't be a sob pity sad complain post! I am actually feeling much better lately. I am hopeful, motivated, and slightly (ever-so-slightly) more confident. Oh yeah, I am still bat shit crazy at nighttime, though. But I am working on that (how? yeah, I don't know. going to bed and sleeping it off? that's not really working on it... more avoiding it...).

Okay, thoughts are scattered. My writing has been suffering. Much of what I say feels cliche and forced and vacant. And unsure. BUT MY WRITING HAS ALWAYS BEEN DOUBTFUL. That's just me. Uh... That's the way the cookie crumbles. Takes one to know one? I know you are, but what am... Never mind. Goodness, I need a cup of coffee.

To end this, I will tell you that I am trying to be much more responsive on the few blog comments I receive. I have already responded to a few! I also want to be a great friend. I want to reach out and listen and give. Take advantage of me, please! I am here for you!


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