Monday, July 5, 2010

kompletely krazy for cangaroos

things that drive me crazy:
*that spam in some Asian language that always leaves comments on my posts-- always gets my hopes up
*accidentally wearing patriotic colors on the fake 4th of July (today, the 5th)

things that drive me non-crazy:
*my ever growing Buddhist library
*newly discovered (to me) author Edith Nesbit
*almond milk

things that drive:
*a chariot
*a stagecoach
*a mule-drawn barge


Rachel. said...

which brand of almond milk is you favorite? mine: almond breeze.

Chris Almond said...

Those weird grammar spam are so weird huh? Every once in a while, one will be inadvertently beatiful and poetic, but most of the time they are just a way to get someone's hopes up so they can be smooshed (into a smoothie.) (a Barack Obama smoothie.)